Quality Policy

We are committed to providing high-quality live online as well as classroom-based training courses delivered by dedicated and experienced tutors based on official material purchased from reputable and authorised providers.

We value our students’ feedback in order to improve continually.

We are also committed to protect our students’ data in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We are committed to disseminate service management knowledge across any industry while adapting to every client’s specific needs. We continue to support our students beyond the training completion dates.


Cancellation Policy

It is the policy of ITSM Malta to charge clients only once training has been completed. This is to ensure that no payment takes place before the attendee/s has/have received the service.

This implies that ITSM Malta does not have a refund policy. Rather, ITSM Malta understands that under certain circumstances it may be required to waive the fees.

Such circumstances specifically and exclusively involve sickness justified by a medical certificate. When required, the attendees seeking a waiver of the fee, would need to inform ITSM Malta via email with the medical certificate attached.

Waivers do not apply for attendees who have participated at least in 9 hours of training. In case of waivers being sought by candidates who have consumed any of the provided vouchers (resources and/or exam), the respective amount shall be retained by ITSM Malta to cover the costs.


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