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I want to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional ITIL v4 Foundation Course delivered by Matthew Catania. Matthew's depth of knowledge, professional teaching style, and ability to engage the class in healthy discussions made this learning experience truly outstanding.

Matthew's expertise in ITIL was evident throughout the Course. Complex concepts were presented with clarity and practical examples, making the material easy to understand and follow. In addition, Matthew's willingness to address questions and guide discussions was highly beneficial to all attendees.

Furthermore, Matthew's demeanour and approachable attitude created a positive learning environment. Encouraging open discussions and engaging with all participants fostered a collaborative atmosphere that greatly enhanced the learning experience.

To summarize, the ITIL v4 Foundation Course exceeded my expectations. Matthew's knowledge, teaching approach, and engagement skills were exceptional and significantly contributed to my understanding of ITIL v4 Principles.

Thank you for an enriching and educational experience.

Mark HallService Management Analyst, Betsson Group

Matthew Catania was Great, delivered the ITIL Course Spot on!

Rimski CuschieriNetwork Engineer BMIT

Even though online training can somewhat be "boring", this was not the case at all!
Matthew has a very excellent way of delivering the training which keeps you attentive and engaged!
Practical examples of scenarios makes you understand better certain concepts and I have to admit that Matthew delivered!
Will definitely recommend ITSM Malta and will keep on the lookout for any training I might need to attend in the future.

Mariella TrevisanIT Quality Management Analyst, Malta International Airport

Online training is very challenging for both ways, trainer and trainees.
It lacks the social networking during breaks and live interaction during the lectures. It is beyond everyone but we managed to get the concepts and will do our best to implement. On the other side, online is more disciplined and focused 😉

Great examples with real scenarios and thanks also for offering help after the sessions.

Well done keep it up 😉


The course delivery was exceptional. Matthew was very thorough in his explanations, engaged us throughout and made sure that everyone was on the same page. Whenever any student showed an ounce of doubt, Matthew asked specifically if there was anything which was unclear and sorted it out immediately. Course material was consistently backed up with practical real-life examples and thus, the content of ITIL4 was easily relatable to our work environment. Together with the ITIL4 slides, Matthew's explanations were perfectly aligned with the material in the coursebook and therefore, passing the exam was the least of our concerns. Matthew prepared us very well with practice questions, sample papers, a demo of the ITIL4 app and a quiz. He also made himself available throughout the entire week (even out of office hours) and was happy to answer all our queries. All in all, it was a comprehensive experience which will certainly help us in adopting the principles recommended by ITIL4 in our organisation.

Sylvan AbelaProfessional Executive (ICT), Enemalta plc

Thank you Mr. Keith Mallia for the delivery and presentation of this course and for continuously supporting the arguments with practical real life experiences/knowledge. Well Done, very interesting.

Steve GauciService and Support officer at the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA)

Appreciated all the support and ability of the tutor, when adapting different answers to questions in order to understand the different concepts and framework.

Sammy Ben TamerNOC Engineer, Greentube

Matthew’s experience and knowledge in service operations really shine throughout the content delivery of the course. His real-world examples which come form real life lessons make the material easier to digest and more relatable.

ITIL v4 is indispensable for anyone working in today’s mission critical IT environments and operations.

Andrea AzzopardiDirector Tech Services , KORE Wireless

The course itself was great and very informative. I recommend it to anyone working in the IT Services industry. Keith Mallia, the tutor delivering our course was excellent, delivering the course in a professional manner while also sharing practical examples from his past experiences in this industry. Keith was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Reuben CamilleriReuben Camilleri Account/Project Manager

Thanks Matthew Catania (very knowledgeable and great delivery of this course).

Matthew ZahraService Operations Engineer, GiG

Student feedback: How satisfied are you with the course content?


``It was perfect!``

Great delivery and fantastic real life examples which kept me fully engaged.

Morten KingIT Support Team Lead, Gamesys

Thanks for your time and well done on your teaching skills. You kept me constantly interested in the subject which worked out well. Well done!

Keep it up & take care,


Jake EllisProduct Specialist, Shireburn

The training was imposed on me overnight. Never the less, the tutor, Mr Matthew Catania, was brilliant in delivering the course content with continually supplying us with work related analogies. This helped me grasp better the concepts and vision where to apply these principles at my place of work.

Darren MuscatSoftware Developer

Student feedback: How satisfied are you with the tutor's ability and knowledge?



Perfect course and delivery.
Impressed by Matthew's vast knowledge and experience (not only for ITIL but also in general).
For a 2 day course, the amount of material that had to be covered was substantial but Matthew managed to keep an excellent pace interactively without loosing our attention or making it stressful.

Michael Agius MuscatIncident Manager, Gamesys Group Ltd

Coursework and presentation were very well delivered by Keith Mallia providing detailed real-life scenario's which made the course more interesting and ensuring that material is well comprehended.

Nigel BuhagiarTechnical Services Officer

Student feedback: Will you recommend ITSM Malta to others?


``You can bet I will!``

This course was interesting thanks to the way our tutor Mr.Keith Mallia delivered knowledge by giving practical examples which we can relate to in our day to day duties. From this course now I can better understand the function and processes within our organization and their importance for improved customer service.

Neville DemicoliAssociate Technical Services Officer

Excellent delivery of the course material by a highly knowledgeable and practical tutor (Matthew Catania). His excellent knowledge and giving real everyday example scenarios made the subject more easier to understand and more interesting. Highly recommended.

Andrew ZammitAssociate Technical Services Officer

I just wanted to thank the tutor (Mr Matthew Catania) for the excellent way of delivering this course.

I really liked the way he constantly brought enough examples with all the pertinent explanation all along the way during both days.

This course provided me with very good insights and a great understanding to vital concepts within not only the organisation which I am a part of, but most importantly in a holistic way wherever I may be employed elsewhere.

I very much appreciated the fact that the tutor approached our incorrect answers, using a constructive-criticism approach and rather than completely rejecting the ideas, he thoroughly explained the correct path while keeping certain key elements of the ‘ incorrect ’ answers.

While I look forward to pass the exam and obtain the certificate, I will most certainly keep the taught material in mind and always have that added value so this will not only be a one-time thing.

Thank you!

Matthew AzzopardiInfrastructure Support Engineer at EWORLD LTD

Great Job

Jonathan BarbaraJunior Network Administrator

I really liked the way how the tutor delivers the course to the audience. He provided very great real-life examples to help us more to understand the terminologies that were defined in the course.

Emmanuel AbelaIncident Manager, Videoslots Ltd